An elegantly simple, and surprisingly affordable way to buy beautiful, timeless and authentic furniture.

With over 30 years experience in the furniture industry, David Brooke Consulting offers a unique sourcing, buying and project management service. A respected authority on modern, mid century and contemporary furniture we have worked with some of the world's eminent architects and interior designers and provided furniture to some of the most beautiful hotels, public spaces and private homes both in the UK and Internationally.

Based on an instinctive ability to curate sublime and timelessly elegant furniture and to deliver with absolute efficiency.


Is the ultimate sophistication

It is about getting a client the beautiful furniture they want at a very good price.

Longstanding relationships with the finest furniture brands enable privileged discounts and an unparalleled all inclusive and bespoke service.

We think of ourselves more as an expert curating consultancy than an interior design service, getting you the furniture you want, and with the advantage of genuine, significant and transparent cost savings.


Remembered more than noticed

Rarely does luxury make such good sense