Living Architecture

Dune House

Suffolk Dunes

Modernist take on the English seaside

Living Architecture is dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of world-class modern architecture and design.

Beautiful houses around Britain designed by great architects available to rent for holidays all year round. Working closely with the architects and production team, we are responsible for the procurement of all the furniture, lighting, kitchen and bathroom and bedroom linens from some of the most prestigious European brands.

The Dune House lies just to the south of the picturesque village of Thorpeness in Suffolk, on an idyllic spot on the very edge of the sea, nestled among rolling dunes. You can walk out from the living room directly onto the beach and enjoy extraordinary panoramic views over the sea from the terraces, bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper floor.

Living Architecture invited one of Norway’s most renowned practices, Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects, to create a house for us on this archetypally English seaside site. JVA, as they are known, made their name building a series of accomplished houses in Oslo and its outskirts and intimately understood the need to balance the advantages of modernity with the traditional virtues of warmth and comfort.